Di-Enter Corporation powered by PlayBox Technology

Thursday, August 26, 2010

At the end of this spring, Di-Enter Corporation started broadcasting four movie channels, all of them powered by PlayBox Technology channel-in-a-box turnkey server solutions. The client made a contract with the National Serbian Telecommunication Company – Telekom, which is the owner of best and largest IPTV network in the state. There are four movie channels running at this time, each specializing in a different content type – domestic, foreign, kids and movie channels.

Due to the compact nature of PlayBox Technology channel-in-a-box turnkey servers, all of the channels are located in the same room, making it possible to be supervised and maintained by just a few employees. The programmes on all channels run 24/7.

As this company has been in the movie business for long time, they have thousands of hours of their own material ready for regular TV stations, DVD authoring or for cinema distribution. All this allowed the client to cut down the preparation time for the playout, making it possible to make ready the material for the broadcast with very little extra effort.

In the broadcast room, everything looks easy. The movies are simply being transferred to the servers’ storage and, in cases where the material does not contain burnt-in subtitles, subtitle files are added. The integration and automation with the TitleBox graphics server allows the channels to include graphics for branding and viewer information.

The broadcaster has a great deal of material that is already digitised and stored on DVDs or hard disc drives. Even so, CaptureBox is available to provide ingest in the cases where new material arrives on tape. Also, for the time being, there are no indications that the client will be using any kind of live input. The next logical step would be to integrate TrafficBox into the system to help handling a higher volume of items as the level of marketing space sales increases.