BHS Celebrates its 100th PlayBox Technology Neo System

Monday, May 15, 2017

BHS Telecom, one of the most active telecommunications service providers in the United Arab Emirates, has expanded its broadcast playout infrastructure to a total of 100 PlayBox Technology AirBox Neo systems. These are located across the BHS Telecom facilities in Europe and the Mediterranean region. Each AirBox Neo server is equipped with TitleBox Neo interactive graphics.

"We are a multi-service organisation offering a wide range of broadcast facilities and services on a worldwide basis," comments BHS Telecom' CEO Hamid Rahmani.  "Our television playout business has expanded steadily to the point where we now operate 100 channels on PlayBox Technology AirBox Neo servers. These are located at various sites around the world and operated remotely by each customer via a secure internet link. We have been adding extra AirBox Neo servers on a steady basis over several years."

"The reliability and structural compactness of AirBox Neo are greatly appreciated by our playout centre staff," adds BHS Telecom' CTO Ghorban Shirzad. "One of the great strengths of PlayBox Technology is that it provides efficient round-the-clock technical support. This is very rarely needed but adds greatly to our operational confidence and the level of service we are able to give our customers." 

"BHS has partnered with us for many years, providing remote playout and satellite broadcasting services for clients in many countries," adds Ananth Sam, PlayBox Technology Director of Solution Sales. "Each system is individually configured with the facilities specified by the relevant BHS customer, and with the desired level of redundancy.  All 100 playout channels are equipped to allow live pass-through in addition to automated pre-scheduled playout and graphics, giving each BHS client the ability to edit interstitials up to a few minutes before transmission or to inject late-breaking news. Playout can also been reconfigured to match each BHS customer's evolving creative and technical expectations."

BHS Telecom: Based in Dubai, BHS Telecommunication ( provides broadcast-quality television contribution, distribution, media management and playout services to clients in many countries. It offers turnkey uplink solutions for contribution and turnaround. BHS can provide satellite capacity and uplink system for activities such as backhauling material from studios for redistribution, and satellite transmission from outside broadcasts. BHS services are available on multiple satellite bands via teleports in many countries, including the popular orbital position of Nilesat.