Goes Live with PlayBox Technology Neo

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 has chosen PlayBox Technology Neo as the playout core of its new free-access music video channel which is being streamed live in HD to audiences around the world. Founded by awarded-winning composer and keyboard musician Rajan Kochhar, it is designed for viewing on smart phones, tablets, desktop computers and smart TVs.

" fills a massive gap in the music market by connecting musicians to a global audience quickly, easily and without expense," Rajan Kochhar comments. "We selected PlayBox Technology as our primary engineering partner following a very impressive demonstration of the Neo system. It proved a good choice and we have been greatly impressed by the high level of support given to us by the PlayBox Technology team throughout the buildup.

"AirBox Neo and its integral modules are really easy to use, giving us the freedom to work exactly the way we want and from any location we choose, preparing content in advance and scheduling it for automated transmission as a serial stream. The result looks and feels like a full-scale satellite or terrestrial television channel but with the crucial advantage that it can be viewed practically anywhere.

"We keep the AirBox Neo server populated from our London headquarters, uploading new content as MP4 files to our playout host, YourSide Broadcast Assistance, in the Netherlands. From there it is uploaded to the internet with CDN acceleration for viewers all over the world and especially in India, Canada and the UK. It is an operational model that works very well right across the broadcast business. The total system is very cost effective and empowers to build up a strong brand identity of its own without the inherent limitations of the generic video-sharing portals.

"Transmitting entirely online gives us the huge advantage that we have access to audience demographics on a regional by region basis. This feedback is useful for our programme planning and also enables us to monitor the required level of CDN support.

" is breaking new ground in terms of creative innovation," adds PlayBox Technology UK COO Phillip Neighbour, "including a vibrant mix of traditional studio and informal handheld production styles which are as attention-grabbing as the music itself. Rajan Kochhar and his colleagues are spearheading a new elite of entrepreneurs elevating broadcasting to a level which will allow television channels to cater in depth for each specific area of human interest. The system we recommended for comprises an AirBox Neo server, CaptureBox Neo for ingest scheduling, TitleBox Neo graphics management, ListBox Neo playout scheduler and SafeBox pre-transmission replicator. All of these are now fully operational. My thanks to Harm van Houten and his colleagues at United Hilversum for their assistance in getting this great enterprise online with their usual panache." specialises in live-streaming music to the next-generation, a global audience, helping new musical talent gain recognition as well as promoting established performers. This is achieved with a mix of interviews in a 'Soul to Soul' slot, live festival coverage and conventional HD quality music videos. Everything transmitted is archived, enabling the channel to reflect an increasing wealth of creative musical talent as the library grows. founder Rajan Kochhar has over 30 years of experience in composing and performing, including record albums and music for films.