AirBox - now starring on the big screen!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Applications for high quality video replays are rapidly growing outside the world of television and PlayBox Technology is increasingly becoming involved. Digital signage is one area where the company is active, but a cinema in Malta has now opened up a new application area for our solutions – playout for cinemas.

The daily programme at the cinema comprises commercials and announcements as well as the main feature. Rather than using film there is now a 2K digital cinema projector and an AirBox playout server. The material is high definition 1080i coded as high bit-rate MPEG2 to provide excellent quality on the big screen. As ever, AirBox is run from a playlist and the programme is repeated several times each day.

The audience has the advantage of seeing high quality images without scratches, dirt and film ‘weave’, that keeps its quality no matter how many times the footage is shown. This also means that the cinema can avoid the high cost of a film print. At the same time there is flexibility to add to or change the programme at any time. Other benefits include the ease of showing low-cost local commercials as well as those from the usual national or international brands. It is also easy to switch the main feature for different audiences during the day and so attract a greater audience.