PlayBox Technology UK to Expand its European Distribution Channels

Thursday, December 4, 2014
PlayBox Technology announces a major expansion of its UK-based sales operation to encourage partnerships with broadcast systems integrators and resellers across Europe. This strategic advance will be spearheaded by Kevin Salvidge who joins PlayBox Technology (UK) Ltd as manager of Business Development - Channels. 
"With over 15,000 PlayBox Technology branding and playout channels installed and fully operational over the past 15 years, our product range is far ahead of the competition in numbers delivered, operational efficiency, affordability and scalability," says PlayBox Technology (UK) Sales Director Ben Gunkel. "This success has been achieved in close co-operation with systems integrators and distribution partners around the globe. Kevin will be working alongside one of the most dynamic management teams in the entire broadcast industry, including highly experienced media professionals such as Phillip Neighbour, Maurice de Jonghe and Alan Bunting. 
"Kevin's role will be to expand our relationship with the leading European SIs and high-end media system resellers to deliver the full advantages of modern computer-based branding and playout. PlayBox Technology products are number one in the market and extremely reliable. But we are not in the business of supplying sell-and-forget commodities. SIs and resellers have an essential role in supporting their customers from initial workflow planning right through to system installation, commissioning and training.
"Broadcasters naturally appreciate being able to work with a local partner speaking their own language and near enough to make occasional site visits. Our SI and distribution partners form an integral part of our technical support service, providing front-line contact with the client, reinforced if required by our online diagnostic resource."
"PlayBox Technology is one of the best known names in the entire broadcast business pioneered the design of channel branding and playout systems based on enterprise server platforms," Kevin Salvidge adds. "The great strength of PlayBox Technology is that it allows systems integrators to source their core servers and software from a single vendor rather than having to waste weeks or months debugging solutions from multiple vendors. They also retain the freedom to integrate third-party production and routing hardware with little or no need for external interfaces or transcoders. Neither do they have to worry about space. Even with full secondary backup, PlayBox Technology's modular-based product range is highly compact and very easy to expand."
Kevin Salvidge has over 20 years of broadcast industry experience, joining Marconi Instruments in 1982 as an apprentice and later field service engineer. He progressed in 1994 to Sony Transcom as a field service representative before moving into sales roles with Sony, Grass Valley, Thomson Multimedia and Omneon. He joins PlayBox Technology from Top-Teks where he was a member of their Sales team.